Sessions by Theme

Thematic Sessions

Appropriation of the Middle Ages

  • 6E The Poetics of Medieval Anachronism
  • 9B Teaching the Appropriation of the Middle Ages

Connections and Networks in Medieval Social Life

  • 4D Women and Networks in Medieval Social Life
  • 6F Communities of Cult: Saints, Monasteries, and Crusades
  • 8B ROUNDTABLE: What was medieval monarchy?
  • 8C Prosecution, Justice, and Peace: Law in Medieval Society

Form and Genre

  • 2E Lyric Translations: Proverb, Pastoral, and Psalm
  • 3D Literary Relationships: Devotion, Anachronism, and Objectification in Old English and Middle English Texts
  • 3F Charles d'Orléans, Plural
  • 8E Form and Genre as Lenses on Artistic Discourse in Medieval Asia and Europe

Humans and the Natural Environment

  • 3G Representing Nature in the North Atlantic
  • 10C ROUNDTABLE: Ecologies of Things and Texts: Nature, Matter, and Material Culture in the Middle Ages

Identity, Race, and Ethnicity

  • 2A Race and Translation
  • 3A Crossing Religious Boundaries in the Medieval World: Categorization, Translation, Figuration, Mysticism
  • 4A Who Were the Tatars? Constructing an Identity in the Global Middle Ages
  • 6A Discerning identities in women's religious narratives
  • 8A Monstrous Forms and Porous Bodies in Language and Legend
  • 9A Figuring Race
  • 10A Intimate Exchanges: Reading Race and Ethnicity in Three Medieval Cases

Manuscripts and Book History

  • 2B The Manuscripts of Jean Gerson: A Collaboration between French and American Researchers
  • 3B The Late Medieval Codex: Margins, Contents, and Contexts
  • 4B The Arts in/of Manuscripts
  • 6B Textual Criticism and Book History, East and West

Migration, Immigration, and Exile

  • 8D Migrants and Migration in the Middle Ages
  • 9E Migration Myths

Moments of Intercultural Interaction

  • 6H The Spread of Jewish and Muslim Literatures: The Mediterranean and Beyond
  • 9F Texts Intoned: East and West
  • 10G Reading Authority though Language: Brittonic-Speakers in a Multilingual Britain

Natural Philosophy and its Applications

  • 4F Mathematics and Species in Roger Bacon's Natural Philosophy, in memory of Edward Grant
  • 6G Franciscan Alchemy in the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries, in memory of Edward Grant

Objects and Material Culture

  • 2F The Materialities and Corporealities of French and Occitan Lyric
  • 3C Entombing the Precious: Value and the Invaluable in Medieval Burials
  • 4E Medieval Collections and Their Display in the 21st Century: Toward an Inclusive Approach


  • 8F Finite and Infinite Games in Medieval Texts
  • 10D Medievalism at Play, Then and Now

General Sessions